My name is Elizabeth. I’m the Owner + Designer of Petaled Design.

Petaled Design creates floral art inspired by the unique beauty, love, and life God gifted you.

Petaled Design’s roots are found in Tumblr. No, really. I started collecting photos of pink flowers on Tumblr in 2013. Before I knew it, I was buying fresh flowers to arrange for myself. In 2014 I had the audacity to post a picture of a peony-based arrangement with the caption, “kinda just wanna be a florist when I grow up.” I was falling for flowers but did not expect my appreciation for petals would *actually* bring me to where I am today with Petaled Design.

In the summer of 2017, I enjoyed the privilege of working with a large Floral + Event Styling company in Austin, Texas. I labored behind the scenes and learned what it takes to pull off elegant weddings.

In December of 2020, 7 years after my appreciation for flowers blossomed, I started thinking about how I could make 2021 a year to remember. I prayed if it were in God’s will for me to open a floral design business, that He would send me my first client. That, He did.

My goal is to foster an acute awareness of the plethora of beauty and love there is to be celebrated. May we recognize that all the good things in this world are gifts from our Heavenly Creator. I hope to lighten the mood of the planning process. You’re throwing a party – let’s make every step of the way fun!

I’m usually the first on the dance floor.

I carry floss, lipstick, a tide-to-go pen, and stamps in my purse. Floral shears are in the car.

Peonies are my weakness. But so are Sweet Peas, Garden Roses, Orlaya, Scabiosa, Campanula, Frill Tulips, and Stock. Give me all the petals!

Bouquets are my favorite to design.

I get a thrill out of applying color theory to floral designs.

I grew up in a strong Protestant Christian home that laid the foundation for where God brought me Easter Vigil 2022 – home in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Interested in working together?

Scuttle on over to book an inquiry call. We can’t wait to hear about your event!

Want to make flower dreams come true as part of the Petal-er Crew?

We execute events with the help of fellow flower lovers and hard workers. If you think you have the grit and grind that it takes, we’d be grateful to add you to our list of potential Petal-ers. No previous flowering experience is necessary.

Photos by Elizabeth McFarlin. Branding by Berkley.